Two More Years

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Our Story

Our Story

Situated overlooking The River Lea in Hackney Wick, Two More Years is a venue primarily set up for people to come together and have fun. Tasty drinks, delicious food and great tunes with DJs every weekend.

Our venue boasts 11 studios for local creatives to rent at affordable prices and plenty of space for free coworking during the week for everyone to use.


Named after the amount of time that the latest addition to Hackney Wick’s vibrant bar and restaurant scene have on their lease – just two more years – before the property will be redeveloped. During that tenure, our mission is to become a meeting place once again for the creative minds and pleasure-seekers that make up the local community; to become a hub of experience for Londoners with a shared outlook and a sustainable ethos, looking for a fantastic repertoire of food, drink, live music and day-to-night fun.

Two More Years is a project set up in order for us to learn and grow. We are an independent team who are passionate about sustainable practices and delivering unforgettable experiences.

Our goal is to be as sustainable as we can while running a successful business. No one is perfect, but we can be a lot better. By minimising waste, sourcing products locally and working with conscientious suppliers we can minimise our impact on the environment and have a positive influence on our industry.